Television Film Project

  • "Temptation Island", The ultimate reality show where 4 couples put their love to the test by spending 2 weeks in paradise separate from their partner. But they won't feel lonely. The men are being surrounded by 12 sexy singles while the women find comfort in the company of as many playboy bachelors, all doing their best to make them give in to temptation. 12 days 12 nights so many temptations... Will they resist or give in? And in the end, will they go back home alone or with their partner - Banijay Productions Germany GmbH, Koln - German, Knut Kremling /Production Director, Andrea Lange, Tim Maxara, Malte Kruber /Executive Producer, Steffi Weber /Production Manager - 62 Germany Crews, 15 days shoot / Bali Island, Penida Island - Production September - October 2019