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  • "Kaappaan", Suriya and Sayeesha, the two main protagonists of the film are working in the same office. Though they are mutually attracted, they have not confessed their love for one another. Surya is a focused person. He always puts his duty first above all else. He is an extremely intelligent person who is capable of solving his colleagues' problems with ease. He is a righteous man with deals.
    Sayeesha is impressed with his quality to help others without expecting anything in return. She tries many times to let Surya know that she likes him, but somehow the moment passes with either getting busy with their day to day work

    Lyca Production - Chennai, India - Bollywood India Feature Film - title "Kappan" Rakkia Gounder Sivakumar Suriya /Hero, Saigal Sayesha Sumeet /Heroine, Kuppusamy Sundarrajan /Executive Producer, Paulraj Shobi /Chreographer, Karimanal Venratesan Anandan /Director, Desappan Ramadoss Kasthuri Kiran /Art Director, Madurai Sundaram Lakshmi Prabhakar /DOP Location Ijen Crater, Papuma Beach Jember, Mt Bromo Volcanoe / East Java - Production April 2019