Filming Services

Full range of support services for film production in Bali and all Indonesian Archipelago.

Location Scouting & Research - Bali Island and Indonesian archipelagos location reconnaissance to determine filming feasibility and support facilities.

Permits - Negotiating and arranging permits to film in restricted, private, or public areas.

Capable - of finding a suitable film location to your specifications. We have very deep knowledge of the climatic and local weather patterns. Bali Satria Film / Bali Fixer team crews will take care of your needs and ensure you will get the best experience and wide exposure to Indonesian resources (natural and cultural).

Scheduling - We help the International Film Production Company set up a schedule and production planning, and provide additional attractive itineraries in case of getting difficult/critical circumstances; flexibility and backup plans will be provided.

Able - to provide camera and sound operators, technical engineers, gaffers, grips, and production assistants, and arrange craft services, hair, makeup, and design services. Also to provide the latest technical equipment from cameras and sound to editing and post-production facilities.

Transportation and Accommodations - Travel facilities for crews, talent, film, and equipment. We will handle fare negotiation and reduce shipment rates for equipment. We are well-organized with the air and freight carriers to assure reliable delivery and economical gear mobilization.

Film Crews

FIXER Director Sound Mixer
Producer 1st Assistant Director - Assistant Sound Man
Line Producer 2nd Assistant Director - Boom Operator
Production Manager Writer Key grip
Location Manager Script Writer Dolly grip
Art Director Director of Photography Best Boy
- Set Designer 1st DOP Wardrobe
- Set Dresser 2nd DOP Makeup Artis
- Prop Master Focus Fuller Hairdresser
- Runner Steady Cam Production Assistant
Casting Director Gaffer Transport Coordinator
Talent Coordinator Lighting
Camera Camera Accessories Monitor
Arri Alexa XT Plus 16mm Sony 9" color ac/dc
Arri Alexa Mini - SR Magazine 400ft Sony 6- HD 700E
Arri Alexa Classic Plus - ViewFinder Extender SR3 LG LCD 17"
Arri Alexa Classic - 24v battery pack BNG Cable 10m, 20m
Arriflex 16SR3 H/S PL 5 - 150fps 35mm Rainbow 5" lcd transvideo
Arriflex 416 H/S PL -75fps - handheld finder JVC Multiformat HD 9", 17", 24"
Arriflex 35III - View Finder Extension f/Arri 35III Video Assist
Arriflex 435 ES - View Finder Extension f/Arri 435 Black Magic LCD converter
Arriflex Blast Outfit - View Finder Extension f/Arri Blast Redbyte down converter
Arriflex 535 Outfit - View Finder Extension f/Arri 535 Integrated Video 435 & SR 3
Red Weapon - Camera Control Unit 435/535 CSI Blast Color Video Assist
Red Epic Dragon - Supper Wide Angle Eyepiece ARRI III Color PAL + Digital processor
Red Scarlet Dragon - Standard Eyepiece CSI Color Video Assist 535
Red One - Arri III Magazine 400ft CSI SR3 Color Video Assist PAL
Sony FX9 - Arri III Shoulder Magazine 400ft Head & Tripod 150mm
Camera DSLR - Arri III Magazine 200ft O'Connor 2575 Fluid Head
etc. - Arri 435 Magazine 400ft O'Connor 2060 Fluid Head
Camera Accessories - Arri Blast Magazine 400ft Sachtler Studio 9 + 9 Head
Universal Follow Focus ff3 - Changing bag Dutch Head Attachment C40
Light weight follow focus - Crystal highspeed control 1-130fps Dutch Head Attachment C20
Focus knob right - Focus Shaft - Precision Speed control MKII Ronford F7 Fluid Head MKIV
3x3" & 4x4" matte box clip on - Film/Video Sync Control Ronford F15S Fluid Head
4x4" & 6.6" production matte box - Norris single frame system Ronford H/D Tripod Tail flat top
4x4" matte box matte set of 4 Head & Tripod 100mm Ronford H/D Tripod Short flat top
6.6" matte box mate set of 5 Sachtler Video 18 sensor head Ronford M/D Tripod Tail bowl
Rubber Sleeve/Donnut - Magliner troley Sachtler Tripoid tail Ronford H/D Tripod Short bowl
Universal angle plate - Zoom control panhandler Sachtler Tripod baby Hi hat bowl
Handheld kit arri s2 - Titan microwave video sender Sachtler Rubber Spreader Roller spreader
Micro force zoom control - 12v battery 15ah Lenses & Accessories Saddle Bag
12v battery charger - 12v cable - 24v battery Arri Macro Lenses Drone
Lenses - 24mm T2.1 - 32mm T2.1 - 50mm T3>6" DJI Mavic 4 Pro - DJI Phantom 4 Pro
Arri Master Prime Lenses (18, 25, 35, 50, 75)mm - 60mm T3>10" - 5100mm T3>14" - 200mm T4.3" DJI Inpire 2 - DJI Matrice 600, etc.
Arri Ultra Prime Lenses (16, 24, 32, 50, 85)mm Wide Angle Lenses Lighting
- Arri 8R T2.8 - Arri 10mm T2.1 - Arri 14mm T1.9 - 9.8mm T2.3 - Zeiss 10mm T2.1 - Zeiss 12mm T2.1 HMI FF Parlight (ballast & cable 2 x 10m)
- Arri 135mm T1.9 - Arri 180mm T1.9 Zoom Lenses - Arrisun Parlight 6 kw, 4kw, 2.5kw 1.2kw 525w
Prime Lenses Zeiss - Cooke 25-50mm T3.9 MKII - Angenieux 20-120 T2.9 HMI Flicker Free (ballast & cable 2 x 10m)
- Zeiss 14mm T2 - Zeiss 135mm T2 - Zeiss 18mm - Angenieux25-250 T3.5 HR - Angenieux 25-250 T3.7 HP - Arri Compact 6 kw, 4kw, 2.5kw 1.2kw 525w
T1.3 - Zeiss 25mm T1.3-Zeiss 35mm T1.3-Zeiss - Angenieux optimo 24-290mm Tungsten Fresnel (ballast & cable 2 x 10m)
50mm T1.3 -Zeiss 85mm T1.3 - Zeiss 16mm T2.1 Telephoto Lenses - ArriJunior/Inky 300w,500w,650w, Studio 1kw,2kw
- Zeiss 24mm T2.1-Zeiss 32mm T2.1-Zeiss 50mm - Canon 200mm f1.6 L - Canon 300mm f2.6 - Read Head 800 w
T2.1- Zeiss 80mm T2.1 - Zeiss 180mm T3 - Canon 600mm f14.5 - Blonde 2kw
Cooke S4 Lenses Lens Accessories Kinoflo (D & T) (ballast & cable 2 x 10m)
- Cooke S4 (18, 25, 32, 50, 75)mm - Panspheron (convert zeiss 18mm T1.3 lens to 14mm T1.3) - Kinoflo 4 feet : 4 Bank (Daylight & Tungsten)
- Cooke S4 100mm - Cooke S4 14mm - mate box - 2x extender - 1.4x extender - Kinoflo 4 feet : 4 Bank (Daylight)
16mm Prime Lenses - wide angle adapter (convert 9.8mm to 6.8mm) - Kinoflo 4 feet : 4 Bank (Tungsten)
- Angenieux 5.9mm T2 - Elite 7mm T1.3 Butterfly Set Dolly
- Zeiss 9.5mm T1.3 - Zeiss 12mm T1.3 Butterfly 12'x12' (frame, stand, silk, white Super Panther Dolly Classic (5xstraight & 4xcurve)
- Zeiss 16mm T1.3 - - Zeiss 25mm T1.3 /black, solid, single/double net, griflon) Dinky Dolly (Track 3 x straight & 2 x curve)
- Zeiss 50mm T1.3 Butterfly 20'x20' (frame, stand, silk, white Stand, Clamps & Others
16mm Zoom Lenses /black, solid, single/double net, griflon) - Autopole standard/polecat
- Canon 11.5-138mm T2.5 - Canon 7-63mm T2.6 Jib Crane - C-Stand - Combo Stand
- Canon 11-162mm T2.6 Cam Mate USA 7.4 M (excluding operator) - Hiboy - Autopole standard/polecat
Screen (+frame & stand) Jimmy Jib Triangle 12 M (excluding operator) - Pancake - Apple box - Sand bag,
Silk 12'x 12' - White Solid 12'x 12' Generator - Cutter black - Plopy - Perlenght cable 2kw
Black solid 12'x 12' - Single net 12'x 12' - Generator 60 kva (excluding petrol) Black solid 20'x20' - Single net 20'x20'
Double net 12'x 12' - Griflon net 12'x 12' - Generator 135 kva (excluding petrol) - Perlenght cable Blue - Cable 50m, 100m
Silk 20'x20' - White Solid 20'x20'
Double net 20'x20' - Griflon net 20'x20'
Reflector (styrofoam) - white, black, silver